art installation
Stantec Public Gallery
The installation is meant to convey the idea of the perpetual cycle between construction and destruction. It uses ‘moire patterns’ to create the perception of a distinctly different space and the illusion of constant movement.
This site specific installation is designed to interact with the viewers depending on their location and mobile condition: by car, transit, bike or on foot (from the park across the street or at the sidewalk closer to the window). Pedestrians strolling along the sidewalk and drivers inching down Spadina Avenue at rush hour can experience the artwork.
Mediums: Print, tubes, MDF.
In collaboration with: Javier Lovera and SUMO Project
moire pattern study
con(des)struction image 2
con(des)struction image 3
con(des)struction image 4
con(des)struction image 5